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Toggl is available for iPhone , so you can keep a watchful eye on your time management anytime and anywhere. In short, Toggl is an awesome solution if you want to squeeze every last second out of your day. I have no complaints. Harvest is another popular time tracker on the market.

You can track both your time and your expenses and also easily turn your billable time and those logged expenses into invoices. Harvest will even give you a notification when a client or customer has paid an invoice, so you never forget to log a payment. What it Costs: Free plans available, with a limit of only two projects.

TOP 10 Phone Tracker Apps to Track any Cell Phone

I think it is a fabulous tool. I truly believe the people who developed the software really did try to think of everything. Timekeeping is extremely easy, running reports for invoices is a breeze, running monthly, quarterly, yearly and custom reports for a range of project tracking and accounting is also a breeze. The retainer feature is my only complaint, but the tool does provide a work around if needed. With hours, you can keep a running list of different timers that you can switch between with just one click.

Hours will also give you reminders of tasks that you need to complete. Want to double-check that all of your time is accounted for? The visual timeline makes it easy to spot any mistakes—and you can easily make necessary adjustments by dragging and dropping. You are also able to set the blocks of time you want to track by so if you charge your client in 15 min increments it will automatically track to those increments in a no worries way that allows you to focus on the job at hand.

That means Timely will capture those minor tasks that usually go unreported and, as a result, totally unbilled. Timely then captures completely accurate timesheets that you can use to generate your invoices.

Take control of your finances

I love using my Watch as a controller. The app uses a simple overlay of planned and actual time, and a quick swipe makes it very easy to manually adjust either time in case you forgot to turn off the timer, or need to add an entry after the fact. The Memory and history features make it easy to see where your time is going, and the integrated online site adds even more useful features. When you're back online, the app gets synced automatically.

Free iPhone time tracker Clockify is a simple and free time tracking app for iPhone that lets you and your team log hours while on the go.

Easily record expenses.

Don't have an account? Sign up free Preview dark mode. Step 3 Start the timer When you start working, just tap the play button to start the timer. Step 4 Stop the timer and enter details You can enter what you've worked on and add a project, task, tag, and billability status. Step 5 Enter time in timesheet Instead of using the timer, you can enter all your time manually at end of the day in the timesheet.

How To Choose Spy Apps for Android or iPhone

You can protect your account with a password and set customized reminders for tracking your bills and pay securely through the app. It also supports multiple payments for a single bill. With this free expense app, iOS users will be able to organise their daily expenses. Based on the Phone calendar , it allows you to enter an initial budget; As the daily expenses are recorded, the money is deducted.

The budget app mentioned here is the offline-only version of DollarBird for iPhone, the same app for daily expense tracking for iPhone user. Both of them have high ratings from their users.

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To be even more organised, this app offers you the possibility of creating different labels Food, Debt, Rent, Leisure, etc. Live Expenses helps to optimise control overall expenses that are generated every day.

10 Best App Usage Trackers for iPhone and Android

One of its primary features is to use both personally and professionally, as it allows you to attach images that justify how each of your expenses was generated. The application is very intuitive and allows you to register your expenses quickly by adding categories. Afterwards these will be shown in graphics, and the app will also allow you to schedule periodic reports, make budgets and even save backup copies.

The app also supports the use of foreign currencies and the exchange rates as well.

Visual Budget helps you handle your personal and business accounts using advanced analysis and consolidation features. It can handle several accounts together and classify them into separate groups. You can modify category list as you want for each of your accounts, which are automatically created based on a standard model.

To get started, add all your expenses and income to track your daily spending. This app offers you all the information on the expenditure of your finances with detailed data and easy-to-understand graphics so you can know where your money in and out. Since it has an option of synchronising all your data with Dropbox, you can easily access on the go.

The system is simple, and it has a separate in-app purchase saves you from the sea of receipts, by just clicking a photo of your records and then adding it. Like other applications, you can also adjust budgets as needed, which will send alerts at excessive spending, as well as being able to schedule transactions, add labels to expenses, etc.

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HomeBudget app provides a combined set of options to help you manage your cash flow and expenses. You can set reminders for due dates and make payment on bills either as a transfer or an expense and bill list. This app is well-built and easy to use.