How to Use PanSpy to Track Android Location

Thanks to the relatively discreet feature, texting is considered a viable messaging solution. Many risks and contingencies that accompany our lives moved into the virtual space. Our children can no longer safely surf the internet, and our spouses got new opportunities for cheating behind our backs. We will introduce you best five text messages tracking apps to track on text messages. PanSpy is a free professional monitoring solution provider specializing in tracking and monitoring tools for smartphone users.

Equipped with numerous useful features, including GPS tracking, text and call logs, website blocking, and keyword alerts, the PanSpy cell phone tracking software is intended to protect both, minor children from online dangers and business owners from corporate information and assets leakage. Step 1. Create An Account. Enter you e-mail and create an account. You will receive a confirm e-mial to activate your account. Then login in your account. Note: PanSpy now offers time-limited free registration, allowing users to experience mobile monitoring service. Don't miss it! Step 2.

Install Software.

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Log in to your Control Panel and follow the instructions. Download PanSpy app on your target phone. Step 3. Start Monitoring.

Log in to PanSpy Control Panel to start tracking GPS location, instant messages, browsing history and any other activities taking place on the monitored device. In other occasions, you might need to spy on text messages online if you possess the company giving the phone benefit.

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Maybe you have a strict phone carrier that only covers certain things for you to get the rate. You will need to know which employees are following those guidelines and which are not if you anticipate influencing the employees to pay for the additional charges on their phones. Text messages have turned out to be progressively vital these days, particularly on the grounds that they convey a ton of data, the greater part of which could be personal or confidential, or could be legitimate or some information which is imperative.

Part 1: mSpy

All things considered, with the expanding significance of text messages and the measure of information they convey, text messages have now turned out to be defenseless against being spied on. All things considered, spying sounds simple, yet to be extremely ready to spy on text messages , needs some vigorous applications and software. With number of software applications available in the market, the decision to make for you could place you in a condition of issue. It is never less demanding than to settle on a decision in the wake of having known every one of the highlights of such software applications along with their upsides and downsides.

Along these lines, here in this article, we have examined top 5 approaches to spy on text messages. SpyZee is one of the effective devices for spying on text messages. It is a cell phone software application for spying.

SpyZee is downloaded able and can be installed straightforwardly in a marked well-suited smart phone. When the application gets installed, it happens to keep running in foundation and ends up unnoticeable and the process begins recording every one of the actions in the monitored phone. The detached data from the monitored phone use to get uploaded into an online account progressively and once you are connected to the internet, you can view every one of the activities recorded.

SpyZee app can record call logs, read text messages on the target phone, browser history, read chat records, track the target phone utilizing GPS, confine incoming calls and can even record the environment.


Installing SpyZee app on the target phone is simple and includes not very many advances. In this way, it takes couple of minutes to install the application on the target phone.

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SpyZee App is powerful and can monitor call logs, chats, and multimedia from eight different instant messaging apps. Download Now More Features. This is one of the best SMS trackers and software applications to spy on text messages. This software application has been in this domain for a long time now and has emerged since its inception. AppSpy is a super text message spy along with allowing the user to recover new text messages from any phone, likewise allows the user to extricate old and deleted text messages from the phone.

This software application does this by reading the memory of the mobile device and removing all the deleted or old available text messages which have not been overwritten. The working of AppSpy is to a great degree basic quick. Simply download the application, enter the license key and the phone number of the phone that must be spied on and then login to your account.

TheTruthSpy comes next in the main 5 applications which can be utilized to spy on text messages for its user neighborly interface. This is one of the best decisions for both android and iPhone devices which are the most broadly utilized operating systems. Auto Forward Spy allows the user to spy on the text messages in the target phone.

Along with this, Auto Forward Spy likewise allows the user to view the browser history of the targeted phone and take photos remotely. Besides, the application allows doing this without having the phone in your possession. It records keystrokes for the target device. This is a free app for remotely monitoring Android phones. This app can track photos, videos, contacts and location of the target device.

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It has keylogger feature to capture the keystrokes on your mobile device. It can monitor instant messages, text messages, call logs, contacts, and track target Android phone's GPS location. It even has geofencing to prevent your kids from possible dangers.

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  • 2. GuestSpy.

This mobile phone finder app lets you find the target cell phone, when it's lost or misplaced, as well as its activities remotely. Using the program dashboard, you can regularly monitor the activities.

Part 1. The Best 10 Free SMS Tracker in 2018

Available for both Android and iOS device monitoring, you can use it to analyze call logs, web browsing etc. Another in the list we have Cell Tracker that can work easily on an Android phone for the purpose of monitoring. This Android monitor app is developed by Dieter Thiess and offers a sound functionality. With over installation record, this new app is improving and making its place efficiently in the market.

This Android app is dedicated to take control of the online activities of small kids. In this way, you protect them from online bullying by eradicating potential harm from their way. You can access web details, time and search details, monitor social networking activities, emails, etc. If you are wondering how to monitor your Android phone, we would introduce Hoverwatch to do the talking. You don't have to root or jailbreak their mobile.