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XNSpy promises to continue collecting data on the target when the device is not connected to the internet. And Highster Mobile says users can remotely turn on the phone's camera. Many companies sell malware for iPhones too, but this typically requires the device to be jailbroken as well. Clearly, this is exceptionally powerful malware. Indeed, as Forbes and security researcher Morgan Marquis-Boire found , some of this spyware has apparently been copied by those in the government malware business, and uses much of the same code.

But consumer spyware is not marketed to governments. Instead, many of the companies explicitly gear products toward jealous lovers—especially men—who want to monitor their spouses.

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They all use cell phones. Their cell phone will tell you what they won't. Their cell phone will tell you what they won't," reads the website of FlexiSpy, another company selling spyware. Cindy Southworth, executive vice president of the National Network to End Domestic Violence , pointed to several examples, including one from a website called HelloSpy.

Another image on the HelloSpy website, online at the time of writing, includes a woman, with her face cut and bruised. Spyware being used to monitor lovers or facilitate domestic violence has a nearly two decade-long history, with plenty of cases involving phone and computer hacking. But many seem to have fallen under the radar. At the turn of the millennium, snoops used programs to keep tabs on people as they used Windows-based machines.

In , Steven Paul Brown allegedly installed a piece of software called eBlaster onto his ex-wife's computer, which would monitor all of her browsing data and email it to Brown. In , a year-old computing student in the UK was sentenced to life in prison for killing his wife in a brutal knife attack. He had used a piece of sophisticated software to monitor his wife's computer. A year later, a police officer faced two felony counts after allegedly spying on an ex-girlfriend with a piece of software made by Real Tech Spyware.

The software, delivered to the target in a malicious email attachment, was able to record keystrokes, giving the officer access to the ex-girlfriend's email account. According to media reports at the time, the man had previously admitted to using software to track women. And in the same year, a man from Austin, Texas, was jailed for four years for installing SpyRecon on his estranged wife's computer. The software monitored what sites she had visited and read her messages.

But the introduction of smartphones opened up a whole new avenue of surveillance. Spyware could now intercept phone calls, track a device's GPS location as its owner moved around, and extract much of the information that apps might collect.

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In , Cid Torrez faced charges for bugging his wife's work phone with spyware. Torrez was indicted with killing his wife years earlier. The following year, one man allegedly used surveillance software to monitor his ex-wife's phone during divorce proceedings.

Of course, not every case ends up in a criminal charge, let alone a conviction. An NPR investigation in found that 75 percent of 70 surveyed domestic violence shelters encountered victims whose abusers had eavesdropped on conversations using hidden apps. Some spyware companies include terms and conditions on their websites, likely in an attempt to distance themselves from these sorts of cases.

Companies that sell consumer spyware, and in particular those that market it explicitly for monitoring lovers have been charged, sued, and pursued by officials. Two men and two women were also indicted from their alleged use of the tool. Perez Melara, however, has eluded authorities for years. The FBI added him to the agency's most wanted list in But the prosecution appears to have done little overall to the easily accessible spyware market.

On a YouTube video advertising a piece of malware similar to the one I tested, one commenter wrote recently, "I want to track my wife. Back in the dive bar, my phone should have stopped recording after three minutes. But I couldn't help looking at its black screen, paranoid that it was still on. The description of Spy Genie Do you want to amaze your family, friends and relatives? Do you want to show the ultimate spying capabilities of your phone?

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Do you want to scar and prank your friends? Spy Genie is the ultimate spying tool that you can use to trick and scar anyone. Spy Genie uses your phone's current location and tags it on a map. This leads to your friends in believing that you have located their phone. Spy Genie than can optionally send a hoax text message to the target phone about their phone being hacked by you and all the data will be wiped this option can be disabled from the settings.

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Find your friend from contact - Select the contact number from your phone of the person standing with you and based on current location the app points to a random location km's away. Find your friend's friend - Enter any random phone number and based on current location the app points to a random location km's away. Track your vehicle - Enter the registration of the car and uses the current location of the phone.

The app locates their phone and sends them a hoax message. It is a prank and as mentioned above, the app uses phones current location to determine the target on the map. When using for the first time, it might load blank map. Spy Genie 2 Update Spy Genie Tags Entertainment.

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