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At a minimum, in the same year magistrates issued 25 warrants in terms of Section of the Criminal Procedures Act. These statistics confirm for the first time that the vast majority of 'authorised' surveillance operations are happening outside the RICA judge's oversight.

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  7. Policymakers have wrongly assumed that information about a communication - such as the identity of the person communicated with, when, and the location - is less sensitive than its content, R2K said. In order to apply for this warrant, applicants need to provide strong reasons because RICA is cognisant that such interceptions could threaten peoples' right to privacy, it said. Policymakers are wrong to assume that the metadata is less sensitive or private than the contents of the communication: metadata can reveal as much as, if not more, about a person's contacts, interests and habits than what they say over the phone or in a text message, R2K stated.

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    Indeed, it will go a few steps further depending on how much you want to spend — for example, you can listen in to live phone calls, spy on the phone via GPS and Google Maps, get alerted when the phone is being used so that you can see who is calling what number and when and to whom. The easiest way to do this is to visit the links in this article.

    You can look around to make sure the target phone is compatible.

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    They pretty much all are if they are internet-ready smart phones. Installed App Usage. SMS Text Messages. URL Browsing. Photo Library.

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    GPS Location. Skype Messenger. Live Control Panel. WhatsApp Messages. Call History Logs. Find Your Device. Data Liberation.

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