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BAE 'spy plane' wowing international crowd

The cameras have also been deployed commercially: in the Southgate shopping center in Bath, the Gallions Reach shopping park in London, and at Tesco supermarkets and Burger King fast food restaurants. The technology can distinguish between known faces and strangers, and trigger alerts when an unknown person enters a building or office, the company claims. In China, Hikvision has been helping the government implement a nationwide surveillance network named Skynet. In recent years, the effort has aggressively focused on the Xinjiang region, where the Communist Party is implementing a crackdown on ethnic Uighurs, a Muslim minority, under the pretext of countering terrorism.

Those who resist are said to face punishments, such as beatings and solitary confinement. Since at least , Hikvision has been helping to establish a massive network of cameras in Xinjiang that police are using to spy on ethnic minorities. As China has ramped up its crackdown in Xinjiang, Hikvision has reaped the financial rewards. Hikvision declined to comment for this story. The company has in the past tried to downplay its connection to the Chinese regime, portraying itself as an independent corporation.

In the U. Hikvision has three offices across the U.

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The U. It is one of the most surveilled countries in the world, with up to an estimated 6 million cameras, one for every 11 people, throughout its towns and cities. Hikvision has managed to tap into the lucrative British market by undercutting its European competitors by a substantial margin. Join Our Newsletter Original reporting. Fearless journalism. Delivered to you. Vicky Hartzler, R-Mo. Karen Lee, a member of Parliament for the U.

More evidence is needed to prove that Hikvision is implicated in Chinese government espionage, Lee added. Email list managed by MailChimp. See and discover other items: cmos sensor , cameras for home , ir sensors components , Best Rated in Spy Cameras , ip security surveillance camera , camera for home security. There's a problem loading this menu at the moment. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Back to top.


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In other words, the hacker now has full remote control of the phone. SpyPhone software — or monitoring malware — is nothing new. Apart from commercial and legal applications that let a mother monitor what her kids are doing, there are also more questionable ones. Nations use SpyPhone malware as a cyber espionage tool to spy on their adversaries through apps that contain trojan viruses.

That's what happened to Tibetan activists, for example, as Mashable reported in March. According to a survey that sampled , mobile phone subscribers, 1 in was infected by SpyPhone malware. Some of the results of the survey, made by Lacoon Mobile Security in partnership with a global cellular provider, were presented. PDF at a separate Black Hat talk. McNamee created his SpyPhone software precisely to show how powerful mobile malware can be — and how easy it is to create and distribute.

He said it only took him and his colleagues two weeks to write the code, because they used standard and widely available Android APIs. In fact, his SpyPhone software doesn't take advantage of any exploits or vulnerabilities, and doesn't actually need to compromise the phone in any special way.

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What McNamee and his colleagues have done was write code that can be injected into any existing app, be it Angry Birds, Facebook or any app available on the Google Play store. Battery i used a phone battery because its small and easy to recharge on another phone. If you have the chance. Just screw all the screws from the phone and "empty" it. But be careful not to puncture the battery inside the case. After you have removed all the parts from the phone it should look like in the last picture.

Thank you instructables for the leatherman juice s2!!. It is very handy tool to use :. It is intended for use as dual audio power amplifier in portable cassette players and radios.

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In the layout at the speaker part you put the audio jack. Remember to fit the circuit to the phone after every added component that it fits in the phone. I was about to use V23GA battery instead of the phone battery but could not find any. But the phone battery works just fine. So i mounted the Battery inside the screen lid with the microphone microphone wires not showing in the picture 2, just trying to see that the battery fits in the lid. If you do the same thing put the text side up so it seems that there is light on the display I put the microphone to the same place where the phones speaker used to be.

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So Just push everything inside the phone and hope it fits there. Stay tuned. Huge project comming in a few months. It will include computer, drawing, huge touch screen and also angry birds. Reply 3 years ago. Leeds United fined by EFL after clubs complained about spying at Derby County The backup battery allows me to move it to different room. Unlimited One-Day Delivery and more.